About us

Footsteps Children’s Services Ltd is a registered Charity operating in the North East of England, we deliver high quality childcare through nurseries, crèche, playgroups and out of school provision. We are also active in our local communities and provide support to families using our services.

Footsteps began as a single nursery site in Westgate Baptist Church in 2004 and was opened as part of the neighbourhood nurseries initiative, since that time we have had the pleasure of watching our small provision evolve and grow in to five different services within Newcastle and Northumberland.

We offer Nursery, playgroups, out of school clubs, holiday clubs and crèche services across the region. Our services are accessible ground floor provisions, all of which have secure outdoor areas where the children can dig, build and enjoy the open space.

What matters to us

At Footsteps the thing that matters most to us is people. Our passion for people is reflected in our warm and welcoming staff team. All of our settings are small and intimate we offer a friendly home from home environment for the children in our care, where they can explore, play and learn in a safe space, making friends along the way.

It matters to us that we provide quality childcare with all staff having relevant childcare qualifications, with suitability checks and references completed on all of our staff before their start date. We offer a varied training programme to our employees to keep them updated with changes in practice and legislation. It matters to us that we treat our people well, this is reflected in our low staff turnover and many of our staff referring to Footsteps as their work family or second home.

It matters to us that children feel safe and really enjoy their time with us. With this in mind we provide each child with a key worker who will tailor learning plans to each individual child taking in to account their stage of development and the things that the child is interested in and enjoys doing. The Key Worker will also be the main point of contact for the parent at the setting.

It matters to us that children reach their full potential, we seek the highest level of outcomes for all children and using the Early Years Foundation Stage as a framework we ensure that we provide learning opportunities that are inspirational, of high quality and responsive to children’s needs. The whole family matter us, we realise that every child forms part of a family and our array of services show our desire to meet the needs of families using our services. We provide drop in sessions, stay and play, food banks, clothes banks and work in close partnership with other organisations so if we are struggling to meet a family’s needs we do our best to find someone who can.

It matters to us that all children are included and can have access to our services. We support children with additional needs, we have staff trained to provide one to one care for children who need extra support to access all that the service has to offer and we work very closely with health professionals and specialist teachers to ensure that those children in our care who require additional support fulfil their potential.

Within our organisation we speak 11 different languages this supports children and families who use our service, it helps the child to settle if they have a worker who can communicate with them in their home language and provides reassurance to parents who have English as a second language or do not speak any English that they can communicate their child’s needs to someone who can provide some reassurance to them that their needs have been understood.

Ultimately we are an organisation that wants to serve our communities well, we want to make a difference and whilst making a difference to a whole community of people can seem a little overwhelming, it is our passion and vision to support our community one family at a time with the child being at the very centre of all that we do.



  • Leaders and Managers provide clear direction to their settings and ensure that it is constantly improving and moving forward.
  • Leaders and managers develop the skills of the whole team to ensure that each person fulfils their potential, and the best quality service is delivered to children and families.
  • To have strong partnerships and joint working opportunities with other organisations to ensure the whole needs of the child can be met.
  • To continue to maintain and improve the highest levels of outcomes for all children and ensure that learning is holistic, inspirational, of high quality and is responsive to children’s needs.
  • To work with parents and professionals ensuring that all children including those with SEND progress well from their starting points and achieve or exceed their potential.
  • To ensure basic physical and emotional needs of children are met (such as food, warmth, clothing, affection and praise) drawing on skills of other agencies where required.
  • To ensure children are developing an understanding of mutual respect for their community and differences with regards to gender, religion, culture etc.
  • To continue to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment where children attend regularly.

What our staff say